A press devoted to helping religious leaders publish their books at the highest levels of editorial and design quality.

We live in a world of specialized labor. If you need a haircut, you go to a salon; when your teeth need cleaning, you go to a dentist. Yet as an author, you may not know where to turn when you want to publish your book.

Do you want to risk handling this unfamiliar process yourself and pray that things will turn out okay, or — if you could — would you put your written labors into the hands of professionals who produce books every day for the world's top publishers?

PastorsPress.net uses publishing industry professionals with decades of experience guiding manuscripts from editing and design to printing and final book delivery. Whether you want to publish a monograph, a memoir, a series of essays, daily devotionals, a novel, or a book of appreciations, we help your book read and look as polished as any book that traditional publishing houses produce.

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