About Us

PastorsPress.net pulls together the collected experience of publishing professionals—people who’ve spent their lives developing books.

Our editorial team has decades of experience working on books related to religion and theology: Westminster John Knox Press, Orbis Books, Pilgrim Press, Wipf and Stock Publishers, Crossroad Publishing, Paulist Press, Anthroposophic Press, and more. The editorial team has also worked with the university presses of Oxford, Yale, Baylor, Mercer, Johns Hopkins, Texas Tech, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Our recommended designers bring the same extensive experience to your book, having worked in multiple subject areas and for many of the nation's top publishers in their fields. They are used to working with authors of all levels of experience, and they are known for their customer-centric approaches to publishing and writers. With PastorsPress.net, you are receiving personalized attention from professionals at every step of the process.