When Things Go Cold

January 05, 2014

The news is calling for the arrival of the polar vortex in our neck of the woods . . . and many other necks besides. The present forecast calls for a high of 14 in a couple of days, a number that seems to slip a little further south every time we check. A lot of places will be far colder, and we'll be wishing we were somewhere far warmer.

How much does this scenario play out in our everyday life or even our faith journey? So much runs hot and cold — or even cold and colder. Faith is tested, elemental issues are questioned, commitments are broken (especially so close to January 1). Sometimes we're just left with the perpetual torment of, "Where's the comfort? Why aren't things different? Will anything ever change?"

Puzzling out these answers is the stuff of books . . . sometimes great books. And one of those books could be yours. We'd love to help.

And, yes, the season will change; that doesn't change. Faith, questions, commitments to self and others . . . so many possibilities and so much to say.