Who Designs My Book? works with a number of book designers to handle your book production: cover design, interior layout, working with a printer, creating ebooks to getting the books, and making the books available. All of these designers have decades of experience producing books for traditional publishing houses.

Your designer will contact you after some initial correspondence between you and our editors. You should know your book's production cost before we start editing.

You'll work with your designer directly to custom-create the look of your book as well as determine what fits best within your budget.

Why Deal with a Specialized Book Designer?

The art of a professional designer and the work of a novice laboring in Word or some unfamiliar page design software are worlds apart. Readers can tell the difference between the efforts of a professional and a nonprofessional. Even if the reader can't identify all the specifics of why one book looks so much better than another, we know why, and you receive a professionally produced book.

Even graphic designers not accustomed to working with books will admit — too late — that they didn’t realize all the elements that must work together to create a professional-looking book. You’re not going to learn that in your spare time, and someone who might have the tools to do book design might not have the knowledge. Owning a piano doesn’t make you Mozart.

With, your book is in the hands of skilled professionals. We keep our eyes on every page of your book at every stage of design, right up until the time the book goes to print.

How Much Does It Cost?

Design and Prepress Rates: The cost variables in the production process are too extensive to discuss in detail here. Your designer and printer will be happy to cover all the variables with you, which at this stage include layout and design, cover design, choice of papers and covers, binding, number of copies printed, shipping, eBook conversion, and so on.

When you're finishing up your manuscript and you'd like to get an idea of production costs, go here: Contact Us.