What Services Do We Offer?

We offer authors the exact same services as traditional publishing houses:

  1. Editing: Turning your writing into a manuscript that is ready for publication and production. See Editing.
  2. Design and Prepress: Formatting your edited, ready-for-production manuscript so that it can be published as a book. See Design.
  3. Printing: Publishing your book in a format your readers can hold, whether on paper or in an e-Device. See Printing.

Any way you approach it, publishing a high-quality book involves these steps. Not only do the professionals at PastorsPress.net represent the best editors and designers working in the industry, they also make sure you are fully involved at every step of the production process. You didn’t write a cookie-cutter book. You shouldn’t expect cookie-cutter service.

What Makes Us Different?

PastorsPress.net fills the gap between a variety of self-publishing and traditional publishing methods. Although you are paying for the publication of your book, that’s where the similarities with so-called vanity presses stop.

To illustrate, let’s follow three different writers through their publishing options:

Jane decides to self-publish her book. She either spends a lot of time researching editors, designers, and printers; evaluating their bids; and checking their work, or she turns her manuscript over to an online book packager, without really knowing much about who that is. Either way, unless Jane starts her own company, her book has no “imprint”—in other words, no publishing company’s name to give it credibility.

Ken, on the other hand, contracts with XYZ Publishers, a soup-to-nuts self-publishing house that does have an imprint and that can take his book from manuscript to completion. But Ken deals only with a salesperson — likely not an expert in editing or production — who turns the book over to a managing editor, who then farms out the book to editors, programmers, and designers. XYZ Publishers marks up those services and passes the costs on to Ken, yet Ken is still never in touch with the actual professionals doing his work. He does not get to work through any issues with the editor, nor does he discuss design possibilities directly with the book designer. If problems arise, Ken can only communicate through the salesperson, and delays and frustration can result.

Sam avoids all these problems and instead hires PastorsPress.net, where personalized service comes directly from expert editors and designers—not salespeople. PastorsPress.net work is the same quality as—or better than—that resulting from either of the other publication methods. Why? Because PastorsPress.net uses the very same editors and designers whom traditional publishers hire when they put out a book, plus you're getting the benefit of personal service.

At PastorsPress.net you do not have to venture into publishing all by yourself. With no wall between you and the production process, you work directly with a team of pros who guide you through every step, beginning to end. The proof is in your final book.

Learn more at Editing, Design, and Printing.

How Do We Work?

You do the writing. We take it from there. First, we’ll edit your manuscript to be the best it can be. You contract separately with one of our recommended designers—people whose work we know and trust—to finish the process.

Just like any other book, yours will feature your title and your name, our company logo on the spine, our name as publisher on the copyright and title pages, and a nonintrusive credit line on the back cover. We take care of purchasing your ISBN (necessary to sell the book commercially or place it in libraries), which is one less headache and expense for you—but you own the copyright on the book.

The end result? A book that looks and reads as professionally as any produced by traditional book publishing houses.

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What Types of Manuscripts Do We Accept?

At this time we are only accepting completed, book-length manuscripts of 30,000 words and up. The content is up to you: scholarly studies; collections of sermons, devotionals, or newspaper columns; topical essays; congregational histories, including oral histories; theses and dissertations . . . we’ve worked on them all.

While we are certainly proud of our work, PastorsPress.net assumes no liability for any consequences of your book’s publication. The good news is that if your book becomes a wild success, you don’t share the proceeds with us either.

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How Long Does It Take to Publish a Book?

The entire process of producing a PastorsPress.net book, from editorial through design, printing, and delivery of final books, can take as few as three months.

It really is that simple.

Most royalty publishing houses can take anywhere from 18 to 36 months to produce your book, assuming they accept it for publication. Many self-publishing houses can do the work quickly, but without the seasoned, personalized service.

With rare exceptions, we accept reasonable manuscripts that come our way, hopefully reflecting a variety of perspectives, and always offering each one far greater personal attention without taking years to produce the end result.

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