"Printing" isn't what it used to be. The idea of ordering hundreds if not thousands of books and then having to warehouse them in a climate-controlled condition or watching them disintegrate in your garage need not be the concern of today's authors. Between print on demand, or POD, where you can order very limited quantities of books (even one) and the world of electronic publication and distribution, in which a hard copy might never exist at all, printing and publishing are still emerging worlds. The time is finally right for you to jump in and publish your work. But no one knows your own needs and those of your potential readership the way you do.

Whether you think your potential audience would want printed books, ebooks, or both, our designers are the best ones to help you think through the possibilities and costs of the various options.

What Will a Designer Need to Get Started?

A book designer needs a lot of information. The best advice for you right now is to gather your thoughts about your vision for the final book. About how long is the book in number of words? Do you want hard copies or ebooks or both? How many copies do you want? (Remember that with ebooks and print on demand, this information is not as important as it used to be.) Do you want someone else to do your cover design for you? If you want hard copies, will they be hardback or paperback? What quality paper do you want to use? Did you even know you had options? Your designer can discuss these issues with you.

You can also speak with the designer at that time about the costs of design and typesetting of your book, which are separate from printing. Again, you'll want to know some things up front about your own book: How long would you like it to be? (Yes, you and a designer can control that.) What trim size would you like the book to be? The best thing to do is measure a book on your shelf. Most books like those of our authors are 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 or 6 x 9 inches.

Ready to Go?

Once you've determined the cost of design and printing by working directly with one of our professional designers, and once one of our experienced editors has spoken with you about the editorial part of the process, you're most of the way to having your book completed by industry professionals. Just put the manuscript in our hands and let us take it from there.

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