Copyediting Rates

Copyediting rates range from $7 to $11 per page. Different rates depend on the amount of editing required. A basic technical copyedit (style, capitalization, simple grammatical fixes, number usage, spelling, etc.) would fall more toward $7/page. Manuscripts requiring a higher level of editing necessitate higher rates.

Charges at the $11 end of the scale might come with academic material requiring extensive reworking of documentation (notes and bibliography), or in cases in which English is not the author’s primary written language. If extensive rewriting of any kind is required, the rate could also go above $11/page, but the author approves the rate before work begins.

Proofreading Rates

Based on the following trim sizes:

5½ x 8½ = $1.75/page
6 x 9 = $2/page

Indexing Rates

Based on the following trim sizes:

5½ x 8½ = $4.25/page
6 x 9 = $5/page

Scriptural indexes are billed on length of the scriptural index. A general guide is as follows:

< 3 entries per page = $3/page
4–9 entries per page = $4/page
10+ entries per page = $5/page

Design and Prepress Rates

The cost variables in the production process are too extensive to discuss in detail here. Your designer and printer will be happy to cover all the variables with you, which at this stage include layout and design, cover design, choice of papers and covers, binding, number of copies printed, shipping, ebook conversion, and so on.